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Founded in 1981, our brand represents over three decades of history and an ongoing promise to you: to deliver quality, innovation and service. Our reputation as one of the world’s leading watersports brands has been built upon a resolute passion for the products we produce. Only the very best will do.


Founded and based on Maui Hawaii since 2010, the original home of both stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing. We are obsessed by performance, in a competitive SUP world where seconds mean the difference between winning and loosing we work tirelessly to give our athletes the advanatge. Working together with elite athletes we conceive, design, test and build the SUP fins and SUP paddles which will help you exceed your stand up paddling goals. We are lucky to live, work and ride in the ideal ocean environment for producing the finest gear. Through exceptional design and the use of the premium materials we are able to put a little bit of the Maui magic in every fin and paddle we produce. Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy the water as much as we do.


We are the small independent eyewear store in Thy, Denmark with hand-picked iconic, classic and modern quality eyewear that covers your needs and desires.


Your vision, our passion

With us, your vision is paramount. Therefore, vision testing, spectacle orientation and lens control are part of our service. All to ensure that you, as a customer, have the most optimal solution for your life.


Westwind Klitmøller is located in the middle of Cold Hawaii, which is situated on the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. Cold Hawaii Klitmøller is famous for being Europe's best windsurfing and kitesurfing spot and for its great surfing and SUP conditions. Right behind the town Klitmøller you'll find National Park Thy, Denmark's first national park, which is a unique nature area that invites great outdoor adventures for all shapes and sizes. You'll also find the lake Vandet Sø about 4km from town. Vandet Sø is ideal for beginners because its waters are very shallow and flat.

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