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2# World Tour - Racing Through New York!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Long Distance All Photos / APP World Tour

After a successful beach race on day 1 and a rest day exploring the big city, it was time for the long distance race through the waters of New York City.

I was extremely excited about this one, because of the super unique racecourse. It was my first time doing this race and it definitely didn't disappoint!

Lady Liberty, Eri Tenorio, Casper Steinfath and me

I had a pretty good start, felt confident and strong going out towards the first buoy.

After the first buoy, we had what almost felt like a downwind run, the current was going against us, but the (boat) waves and the wind was going with us which created some decent bumps. The bumps weren't only coming from behind but from everywhere, the water was super choppy which made it quite a challenging race. I was a bit unlucky at the second buoy and got stuck in the buoy because of the current, so I had to set in a sprint back up where I was able to catch back up to my good friends Eri Tenorio from Brazil and the Viking from home Casper Steinfath.

The Start

After we had paddled back upwind/waves with the current, we headed inside of the famous Liberty Island and the view from there wasn't too bad;)

As we got inside of the island and the water got flat we started working together to try to catch the guys in front, 3 minutes each hard and then back behind to rest on the draft.

We got very close but wasn't able to catch up, but that's alright cause I still really enjoyed the race and especially the teamwork we had together made it feel more like a team sport than an individual sport which was awesome and paddling through the city with 2 good friends was such a cool experience (Thanks for that guys!).

Post Race with Noic Garioud, Itzel Delgado, Eri, Casper and me

So overall the race and the entire event had been amazing and I was super happy to finish 8th overall for the event.

Thank you to the APP World tour, organizers and everyone for making the event possible, I will be back for sure!

I didn't have much time to celebrate as I had to jump straight on a plane to Germany for this years last major EuroTour race the next day.

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