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2020 Raceboards - Blitz

The brand new 2020 SUP range just dropped and I am super excited to go through some of the boards here on the blog.

New York / APP World Tour

Stoked to share this brand new board, Blitz 14´ x 23.5 x 289 Liters.

Really happy with the changes on this board and you are definitely going to see me on this board a lot for the upcoming events.

The biggest change from last year is the nose, narrower and more pointy to make Upwind, Flat water, and Drafting faster.

The tail is slightly wider for more stability, faster buoy turns and better surfing and downwind.

The board is a little more narrow (23.5), but because of the tail it's still very stable and with the rails sharp at the standing area and more round towards the tail and nose gives amazing stability + a lot of maneuverability.

After testing the board in sprinting I was really impressed with the top speed and how quick it gets up there. I am not sure exactly why, but I think the new nose and wider tail really helps.

Overall I absolutely love this board and cant wait to race it more!

Key Features:

-Performs in everything from larger swell to flat water

-Added nose lift to prevent catching or nose diving

-Extremely efficient in backwash during races and when drafting

-Curved rocker line ensures the board rides fast and high when surfing

-Sharper rails in the midsection offer increased stability and directional performance

-Added nose lift and rounded tail shape boost maneuverability on the wave

-Narrower nose shape gives great glide for flat water and upwind paddling

-Clean open deck for easy maneuvering, kick turns and performance in surf and breaking waves

-Wider tail for faster sprinting, better turning and stability

-Unique foot rail gives a tactile feel underfoot, allowing a better transfer of power combined with increased grip, balance, and positional awareness

-Fin box placed further in front for easy turning and steering in waves, flat water and choppy conditions

-Five carrying handle options for all eventualities and preferences

-Forward and rearward leash plug options

-Equipped with a specially designed RTM race fin for premium race performance

-Pigmented resin to prevent paint scratches

-Offered in two sizes, 23.5” & 25.5” wide

-Comes in high end Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish or BXF technology

Next Up: 2020 ProWave

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