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2020 Raceboards - Strike

The brand new 2020 SUP range just dropped and I am super excited to go through some of the boards here on the blog.

The first board is the Strike 14´ x 21.5 x 274 Liters.

Last years board was already really fast, so not a lot of change on this board.

What I really like about this board is that it works in all conditions, it´s actually not just a flat water board. I have been racing this board in a lot of different conditions Downwind, Upwind, Waves, etc. And it can handle everything, the wider tail really makes it easy and gives a lot of stability to surf and turn the board.

San Sebastian / Euro Tour

But of course, the Strikes biggest strength is flat water where it has a really efficient glide.

The volume in the nose makes it cut straight through the water and the double concave on the bottom gives great stability and makes the board stay high on the water as you put in the kilometers.

Key Features:

-A narrow board with the stability of a wider board

-Remains user friendly even when conditions deteriorate

-Feels extremely efficient with very low resistance when paddling

-Forward raked nose increases the effective waterline length and results in improved -paddling efficiency

-Increased volume in the nose and tail area reduces pitching and keeps the board flat when sprinting

-Tuck in the tail area boosts steering and maneuverability

-Recessed deck keeps the rider's weight low and improves stability

-Reduced recess at the tail allows more stability for the rider in pivot turns

-High side walls stop water collecting whilst paddling

-Forward and rearward leash options

-Three carrying handle options for all eventualities and preferences

-Pigmented resin prevents paint scratches

-Equipped with a specially designed RTM race fin for premium race performance

-Offered in two sizes, 21.5” & 25” wide

-Comes in high end Custom Carbon Sandwich Light Finish or BXF technology

The Strike is definitely my go to flat water board

More info on:

Next up: 2020 Blitz

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