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Midsummer Viking Challenge

All photos / Jakob Gjerluff

Very honored to be a part of the first edition of the Midsummer Viking Challenge, super cool and different event. Long story, short its a 24 hour SUP race with teams of 3-5 people paddling as many laps as possible around “Amager Strandpark” an island in Copenhagen (about 5 km. Around the island) and the coolest part is that you can get sponsors or your team can pay whatever amount of money per lap, and the money goes to PlasticChange - a Danish foundation that researches how we can reuse plastic the best way possible and teach younger generations about plastic in our oceans for a better future with less plastic in our oceans.

But the event is about so much more than paddling laps for a good cause, the whole community of people and the atmosphere of the event is amazing, the food/service definitely didn't disappoint either.

It was very different from what I am used to when competing for a good result (I absolutely also love to push myself and race with some of the best in the world), but this was more about being on the water with awesome people and having a good time doing what we all love.

In total, we were 32 teams, about 150 people, collected over 75.000 kr. And together paddled more than 5000 km. I was very happy to be apart of Team Young Guns, we ended up paddling 39 laps and took home 3rd place in a close finish after paddling for 24 hours. Congrats everyone and thanks for a great event!

If you're interested in being a part of this event in 2020 you should definitely save the date 20-21 of June, find a team and go sign up at (more info on the website + video).

#Midsummervikingchallenge #PlasticChange #ReduceReuseRecycle

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